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Better Billing Solutions

Why Outsource Your Billing to BBS?

  • More control over your finances

  • Get paid faster

  • Reduce billing errors

  • Maximize profits

  • Competitive rates

Home Health Billing

Protection of Your Medical Billing Data

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Our team is especially aware of the need to protect sensitive information. That's why our on-site systems are designed to keep you compliant with the latest data protection policies.

Your business needs the expertise of the Better Solution team to optimize your billing system. Our team only needs the data to ensure an accurate and timely billing process. Our experience in processing billings and deep understanding of payor requirements has significantly improved cash flow and reduced administrative costs.


It can be a challenge to keep up with the current requirements that can impact your business. Better Billing Solutions is ready to be a trusted advisor and stay current on processing changes and/or new requirements that can impact your Health Agency’s operation.

Better Billing Solutions

At Better Billing Solutions, we've been delivering home health billing solutions for over 25 years. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for struggling agencies. BBS offers various services that can help your agency go to the next level.

The Better Billing team works alongside your staff to assure services provided are properly billed. Your business needs to stay on top of cost recovery and cash flow. It is important to augment your in-house staff with the specialized experience Better Billing Solutions can bring to solve your billing needs.


With our specialized billing experience, the Better Billing team can make a significant difference in your billing operation. 

About Us
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Your Home Health Billing Partner

Billing is the lifeline of your agency. Nobody knows that better than BBS. Due to our background in the home health industry, we understand the importance of attention to detail for effective billing.

The Better Billing Solutions team has a deep understanding of the importance of maximum reimbursement when it comes to insurance claims. The complexity of the processing requirements can drive your administrative costs and really wear down your staff.  The Better Billing Solutions team is ready and able to partner with your staff to meet the challenges of the claims process.

Revenue Recovery
Billing Services
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Billing Services

We bill all insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid, Advantage Plans, MMAs, LTC, VA, Tricare, Commercial and Privates. Accurate billing processing is critical to your Agency business as is on-time submission.  Daily billing that is fully accurate will ensure continuity of cash flow. The experienced support the Better Billing Solutions team provides can ensure this essential continuity.

  • Payer Setup: We add all payers guidelines and rates into client software

  • EDI Setup: We fill out needed applications on your behalf

  • Reports: Weekly, Monthly, and/or Quarterly reports to monitor trends that impact cash flow

  • Posting and Reconciliations: We post electronically or manually so you know where your money is at all times.

  • Revenue Recovery: recovery of monies for unbilled and/or rejected claims

Your Hands-on Partner
Data Protection
Better Billing Solutions by Working With You

Our team works side by side with your staff to develop solutions that maintain cash flow by avoiding claim denials. Claim denials can not only disrupt operational cash flow your business needs every day, but can tie up your staff in costly tracking and recovery efforts. The Better Billing Solutions team is your partner in home health billing solutions and always working to improve your bottom line.

The risk of claims denial is key concern for Health Agencies. The impact in delayed cash recovery and the many hours of administrative follow up can cripple an otherwise efficient business. The Better Billing Solutions team can deliver the efficient processing solutions the mitigate the risk of claims denial.


We offer a complimentary review of your past billing data so that we can provide an excellent home health billing process that fits your needs.

Better Billing Solutions will conduct a review of past billing data to understand the extent of best practice application for billing. This helps the team get started on your Health Agency’s specific billing issues.  


Often this initial review uncovers amounts due to your business that may have been overlooked.  If there are past costs your health organization is entitled to, the Better Billing Solutions team will provide identify and recover those amounts owed.

Reviewing Your Data for Billing Analysis

The Better Billing Solutions team can deliver the efficient processing solutions and data analysis capabilities that will reduce costly billing re-work as well as improve cash flow. Your business needs an experienced partner for this essential function and Better Billing Solutions has the skilled team that can make a real difference in your billing process.

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